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•Licensed by UK Gambling Commission
• SSL/TLS Encrypted
• Return-To-Player Rate Audited
• Live Chat Support Available


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What are the top reasons to play at Redbet Casino?


What are the current promotions & offers from Redbet Casino?


Who is eligible to play?

Anyone who lives in the UK and aged 18 or over.

What currency is accepted for deposit?

For UK customers, GBP Pound Sterling is the accepted currency.

What deposit methods are accepted?

What withdrawal methods are accepted?

The withdrawal method is should be the same as the deposit method. This is to prevent illegal activities such as money laundering.

Bank transfer or debit card is the quickiest and most convenient method for deposits and withdrawal.

What is the withdrawal time?

The average withdraw time at Redbet Casino is {withdraw times}.

What is the withdrawal limit?

Is the winning tax-free?


Is Redbet Casino legit?

Yes, it is fully licensed by UK Gambling Commission to offer service to UK players. Redbet Casino was licensed by UK Gambling Commission to offer gambling service to UK customers legally under the licence number {licence number}. Note: Only UKGC licensed online casinos are featured here. This means Redbet Casino has met UKGC’S Licensing conditions and must adhere to the code of practice. The licence applicantion fee and annual fee are also costly. The UKGC licence functions as a barrier to prevent unqualified and rogue online casino operators from entering the UK market, thus provide protections to UK customers.

When was Redbet Casino launched? How long has it been around?

Redbet Casino is an online casino launched in the year 2005, so it has been offer online casino gaming service for 15 years.

Who is the proprietary operator of Redbet Casino?

Evoke Gaming Limited, Matla is the proprietary owner of Redbet Casino.

Some Important Licensing Conditions to Protect Players:

Licence condition 2.2.1 – the manufacturing, provision and installation of online casino gaming software must be a holder of a gambling software operating licence; this is to prevent the manipulation of security and game fairness.

Licence condition 4.1.1 requires online casinos to hold customer funds in a separate client bank account rather than the bank account of the online casino, for the purpose of protection of customers’ fund.

Licence condition 17.1.1 requires online casinos to verify the customers identity before permiting deposit and withdrawal. A request made by a customer to withdraw funds from their account must not result in a requirement for additional information to be supplied as a condition of withdrawal if the licensee could have reasonably requested that information earlier. This requirement does not prevent a licensee from seeking information on the customer which they must obtain at that time due to any other legal obligation.

What are the most popular games at Redbet Casino?

Some of the most popular games offered by Redbet Casino include 

Is playing at Redbet Casino safe?

Redbet Casino’s website is protected by SSL/TLS encryption technology. The SSL/TLS protocol technology encrypts all forms of internet traffic, thus making internet communication and personal information secure. To verify if an online casino has SLL/TLS in place is easy, simply by looking for the padlock on the left of the address bar on your web browser. If the padlock is not present, visitors are advised not to engage or to share any personal information with the website i.e. filling out forms.

What to do if encountered problems and need help?

Redbet Casino offers Live chat, telephone and email as customer support.

Are the games at Redbet Casino fair?

Game fairness is central to players’ gaming experiences as it determines if the Return-to-Player rate unfairly favours the casino. Regular audit of random number generator of casino games ensures that the chance of winning is not biased against the players. At Redbet Casino, the random number generator is audited by independent test laboratory.

Most online casino games are designed by the same few well-known online casino games developers. These companies are often stock exchange-listed large technology companies. The company’s valuation is directly determined by the reputation of their products. Being associated with game rigging will have disastrous impact. Therefore, playing games from well-known online casino game developers will warrant a high degree of game fairness.

What do the smart players do?

Terms & Conditions
UKGC has made advertising of online casino as transparent and fair as possible in order to protect players. Therefore, it is very important that the terms and condition relating to any welcome offers are read carefully before signing-up. This not only protects players’ legal rights, but also can save players’ time in the case of choosing unsuitable bonuses, since many bonus offers require players to wager multiple times of the bonus amount before the winnings are eligible for withdraw.

Responsible Gambling

Playing at online casinos is fun but can also be addictive, so be responsible. Stop playing when the fun stops. Do not hesitate to get help if you thinking you may be a problem gambler.

last update: 10/12/2020